Stunt Granny Audio 792 – Football Stadiums, AEW Backstage and WWE Announcer Shake Up

Since Jeremy & Kevin were watching Thursday Night Football, they started the show talking about stadium financing. After getting through a long football conversation, they moved to all of the locker room noise in AEW. Because Sammy Guevara is involved in so much of the noise, it’s easy to blame him. Your hosts do talk about AEW’s product just being okay this week. Like the WWE, their in ring product is the best part of the show. With NXT moving story lines along, there wasn’t much for Jeremy & Kevin to talk about with that show either. Since the Brawling Brutes were in the main event, your hosts talk about Ridge Holland‘s in ring improvement. To close the show, Jeremy & Kevin talk about the announcer shake up within the WWE.

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