Stunt Granny Audio 826 – 3 Man Booths, Wrestlemania Main Event and NXT Development

Because of Valentine’s Day, Jeremy & Kevin recorded a day later than normal. To start the show, your hosts talk about three man announce booths. Now that the WWE only has two man booths, it really stands out that AEW has three man booths. Since this show was all over the place, the next topic was Bianca Belair‘s Raw outfit. Jeremy & Kevin try to figure out why her outfit was even a topic on Twitter. Next on the docket was the exchange between Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn. With all of the ideas for Wrestlemania main event, Jeremy & Kevin explain which scenarios they prefer. Your hosts move on to the development of the NXT roster. Jeremy & Kevin talk about Fallon Henley ruining Brooks Jensen‘s date with Kiana James. To close the show, they cover wrestlers like Sol Ruca finally getting some personality thru their videos.

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