Stunt Granny Audio 827 – Elimination Chamber Review

Because Jeremy & Kevin had some free time, they decided to record a podcast about the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event. They started their review at the main event and worked their way to to start of the show. Since Kevin didn’t watch Smackdown, Jeremy explains why he thought Sami Zayn could dethrone Roman Reigns. Your hosts talk about as many aspects of this match, including the pacing to start it. Next up was the surprise appearance of Logan Paul in the Men’s Elimination Chamber match. With Bronson Reed needing three finishers to be pinned, Jeremy & Kevin talk about how all participants looked good. Your hosts debate whether the Grit Couple should have gotten the win in their match. Because Brock Lesnar kicked Bobby Lashley in the balls, Jeremy & Kevin talked about the odd finish. To close the review, they talked about Asuka‘s win in the Women’s Chamber match.

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