Stunt Granny Audio 828 – The Women of WWE, Jey Uso and MJF

Because Kevin got Shahid on the show again, they covered a lot of topics since his last podcast. They kick off the show talking about the current athletes that the WWE has in NXT. Even though Kevin & Shahid started there, they ended up talking about the main roster women of WWE too. Since Asuka is taking on Bianca Belair, they discuss Asuka being someone who could take the championship from Belair. With Jey Uso showing up at Elimination Chamber, Shahid explains why the Bloodline story line has always been Jey’s story line. Cody Rhodes is not the biggest athlete on the roster, so Kevin & Shahid discuss who he can battle if he wins the championship at Wrestlemania. To close out the show, your hosts talk about AEW. Shahid leads the conversation by asking about MJF. They finish the show by talking about what is happening with AEW’s women’s division.

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