Stunt Granny Audio 849 – AAA Lucha Libre, Four Pillars and Indi Wrestling

Because they can’t get enough professional wrestling, Jeremy & Kevin decided to dive into reviewing AAA Lucha Libre on YouTube. Since neither of your hosts speak Spanish, closed captions in English is their biggest request. Jeremy & Kevin segue into AEW Dynamite. As usual, these two can’t get behind the booking philosophy of Tony Khan. Despite all of their criticisms, your hosts are more than happy that AEW has already sold 50,000 tickets to All In at Wembley Stadium. Jeremy & Kevin cap their talk off by talking about “The Four Pillars” story line. They explain why they think none of their recent feuding has made any of them look better, including MJF. Because the draft took away two champions from NXT, Jeremy & Kevin talk about their awkward show this week. To close the show, your hosts praise the Indi Hartwell close to the show.

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