Stunt Granny Audio 916 – Michigan, Samoa Joe and Oba Femi

Because Michigan won the National Championship, Jeremy & Kevin wrap up their college football talk for this season. When they get to wrestling, they start by talking about AEW booking starting to make some sense. Establishing Samoa Joe‘s immediate contenders was one of the steps in the right direction. With Hook being on that list, they re-hash Tony Khan‘s comments from earlier in the week. Before leaving AEW, Ric Flair getting into a ring extremely slowly had to be discussed. Much like AEW, NXT is reloading on story lines. Jeremy & Kevin weren’t surprised that Dragon Lee dropped the North American Championship. Your hosts did wonder why Lexis King didn’t win only to have his prize taken away by Oba Femi. To close the show, Jeremy & Kevin talked about Tiffany Stratton working on Fallon Henley‘s ranch stalls.

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