Stunt Granny Audio 952 – Backlash, NXT and CM Punk

After a crowd like the one in Lyon France for WWE Backlash, it was an easy kick off topic for Kevin & Shahid. In their opinion, the crowd energy was helped with a shortened card including just five matches. With the introduction of Tanga Loa, Kevin & Shahid talk about how long this Bloodline story line could carry on. Because of the crowd bouncing with Jey Uso, your hosts talk about how much of a star he is. Because Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill are real life X-Men, Kevin & Shahid discuss who on the roster could beat them. Your hosts discuss how Cody Rhodes continues to have great matches, acknowledging that AJ Styles was his opponent. Shahid wanted to get some praise of NXT off his chest so they talked about the general state of the product. To close the show, your host talk about the pettiness of CM Punk and Drew McIntyre.

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