Stunt Granny Audio 673 -Technical Difficulties, Malakai Black and GAB Run Down

As a result of technical difficulties, we’re only posting one podcast this week. Chris & Kevin take a deep dive into AEW Dynamite. Because Malakai Black showed up a month after his release, they started with him. It gave them an avenue to talk about how badly Cody Rhodes character has been during the feud with QT Marshal. Since they talked about one EVP, they moved to another in Kenny Omega. Your hosts cover the slow burn to him and Adam Page finally facing off. Chris & Kevin talk about how Vickie Guerrero is actively dragging down her clients in AEW, including Andrade El Idolo. With the AEW portion of the show, they finish talking about The Young Bucks victory over Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero. Chris & Kevin do a quick match by match talk about NXT’s Great American Bash, Night 1.

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