Stunt Granny Audio 694 – Cody Rhodes, NXT 2.0 and More Ric Flair

Since Jeremy & Kevin waited for the conclusion of Cody Rhodes vs Malakai Black, they started there. They discuss whether Rhodes has finally realized that he is a heel to the AEW crowd. As usual with these two hosts, they rambled about a variety of wrestling topics in no particular order. Because Jeremy was off last week, he didn’t get to talk about NXT 2.0 and their new trajectory. Your hosts break down who they think has potential and who doesn’t. If they wanted to highlight the new wrestlers, why did so many of them lose to established characters like Cameron Grimes. Jeremy adds his two cents about the Ric Flair scandal that has been news since it happened. Kevin rants about the terrible representation of Italian Americans with Tony D’Angelo‘s promos. Click the link below to hear more of the opinions of Jeremy & Kevin.

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