Stunt Granny Audio: MST3K for Royal Rumble 1992

royal rumble 1992


Break out your pirated Royal Rumble 1992 video and follow along, because Dusty and Eric are joined by Dan for a very special Stunt Granny Audio! The three synchronize their copies of the Royal Rumble match from 1992 and spend about 70 minutes watching the match, sharing stories, recalling angles and reliving history, all during one of the greatest hours of professional wrestling of all time. Who did they think would win back then? What old angles were dredged up throughout the match? Why did Dan write a letter to Ted Turner in 1991? All of this and sooo much more, if you just click and listen!

Stunt Granny Audio Special 2010

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    Kirk 2010-12-23 at 12:31 am #

    I think you guys have a money (or at least lots of web hits) idea here!

    I listened to the first 20 or so minutes and then decided to wait until I can watch along with the ’92 Rumble this weekend.

    I do hope this is the first of many, MANY more!

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