Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Review: World’s Greatest Dad (2009)


World’s Greatest Dad was Robin Williams transition movie back in to respectable cinema after a far too long period of garbage family movies.  If you didn’t see it that is most likely due to its small release and subject matter. If you watch the preview, well, don’t. In no way does it represent the movie. The trailer is made for mass appeal but once you watch it becomes apparent you got bamboozled. This is yet another Bobcat Golwdwaith film that just kills. It is honest and not predictable. It is easily the best of Bobcat’s movies and probably the most accessible but that isn’t saying much. His films never fail to challenge the audience. You may not like them but you will have a reaction. The movie carries on a near perfect tone of angst and anguish while making you uncomfortable laughing at situations you normally wouldn’t. It was a brave choice for Robin Williams after all of the family fair he churned out. It works though. Everything about this movie is sold and worth the very quick ninety-minute running time. -Jeremy

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  1. RustyBrooks #1 Fan 2013-12-22 at 4:38 pm #

    What a great review. Thanks for not cr@pping on Bobcat or (kind of) Robin Williams. This story told here is fantastic. Bit of trivia for Jeremy (not a spoiler), Bobcat’s previous wife Nikki Cox is now with Jay Mohr. Jay Mohr wrote a book about being a “Stand Up Dad” (don’t read it, very boring and indications of unfinished jokes). The lunch-room scene in which a colleague dramatically (and without irony) claims “being a Dad is the hardest job you’ll ever love” is a line taken directly from Mohr’s book (and used with irony). I also like Goldthwait’s ‘Sleeping Dogs Lie’, ‘Windy City Heat’, and recent ‘God Bless America.’ Like the one-paragraph concept, too. Nice~!

    • stuntgranny 2014-01-08 at 1:53 pm #

      I loved God Bless America. Now I have to go catch the others.

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