Stunt Granny Conversation: John Cena vs Brock Lesnar did some cropping on the Summerslam post leaked by the WWE. did some cropping on the Summerslam post leaked by the WWE.

Jeremy:  Would you like to discuss how great it was the crowd cheered for Lesnar?

Not just cheered for him but also for breaking the streak.
Kevin:  We could talk about that if you’d like. No matter how many times they’ve tried to heel up Lesnar, the crowd isn’t buying it.
Jeremy:  even the streak didn’t get them to change tune
Kevin:  It did for a while since they booed Heyman for a while afterwards but as usual, all is forgiven when you come back and wrestle.
Jeremy:  So is it Brock or is it the Cena hate?
Kevin:  Both. Lesnar is for the real manly men like us because he has a gigantic penis tattooed on him. Since we love to boo Cena, we love to cheer Penis Tattoo Boy.
Jeremy:  Thank you for saying we are manly men. I was trying to figure this out last ngiht but there has been a significant push to theat train of thought. brock is a legit looking dude. His pedigree doesn’t hurt as well. The way they have used him has been really good as well. he lost to Cena, whch no one cares and once to Triple H which no one cares.
Kevin:  They’ll use his loss to Cena in this build up to cast doubt on Brock’s ability to win which is the right thing to do. But you do make a good point, everyone was pissed about his loss to Cena during his comeback and now it’s a non-factor because he broke The Streak.
Jeremy:  It is also a non-factor because it was two years ago? There are a lot of talking points they can use. Easiest one is that it was an Extreme Rules match. So it took Cena everything possible to beat Brock.
Kevin:  Had to look it up and you are correct, Extreme Rules in April 2012 so just over 2 years. Heyman brought up his own good talking point by mentioning conquering Cena’s title victories or whatever he called that exactly.
Jeremy:  Ok so two years, first match back and it is an Extreme rules match; all make good talking points.
Kevin:  Yes they do. They can even use a Frank Mir comparison if they want to dip into Brock’s MMA history.
Jeremy:  Hmm, if they want to create a legit big fight feel to the match that is a decent idea but no way Mir would do it. What is it though about Cena? he isnt terrible. I mean he isn’t that good but not terrible. The hate was evident last night even if Heyman’s promo touched ont he old tropes.
Kevin:  I’ve never been a good person to answer that question. I’ve never hated Cena. I hate the poop jokes but didn’t worry about the “Five Moves of Doom” because his matches are at least good more times than not.
Jeremy:  I like serious Cena and snarky Cena. I love, love Total Divas Cena. I don;t like his facial expressions and 2 of his 5 moves of death. The flying shoulder tackle is awful but he has gotten better with the STF.
Kevin:  I’ve never thought about breaking down which Doom Moves I do and don’t like. I didn’t think the STF would have been part of the five.

Jeremy:  So what are his five moves then? STF, The Knuckle Shuffle , AA, Punch, the top rope leg drop. I remember him pulling out a suplex once and was shocked.
Kevin:  You mentioned the shoulder blocks so that makes six. He does the belly to back type suplex to set up the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Thinking on what else he does.
Jeremy:  Ahh so then I guess he has surpassed the five. See, we put that to rest right there.
Kevin I just remember the term “Five Moves of Doom” being created without ever thinking that I saw a list. Found it on They use shoulder block twice! And call what I termed a belly to back suplex a side slam.
Jeremy:  Yeah I thought you sent me a goof link. When the website of your own company does that, kind of bad.
Kevin:  Whatever the list is, his in ring work has never been a hang up for me. I expect a good match out of him & Lesnar. Dare I say better than Lesnar & UT which I wasn’t that thrilled by.
Jeremy:  It sure helps the end of a match totally overshadowing a meh affair. If Taker had won everyone would have been complaining.I have high hopes for this as well but there will not be the emotional attachment that the original match would have held.
Kevin:  Original as in Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar or if Cena & Brock hadn’t fought since his return?
Jeremy:  Bryan/Lesnar. Crowd would be great if they hadn’t turned on Daniel yet. The dynamic would be better as well.
Kevin:  The WWE might be able to sell Lesnar as a heel in that department. They’ve usually done a good job with the underdog champs even though they don’t go that route too often.
Jeremy:  Bryan beating Kane decisively would have helped show he can do it.
Kevin:  They may have even trotted someone else out (Mark Henry has been missing) to reinforce the idea that he can beat someone of that size. Of course, the fact that Lesnar destroyed him umpteen times before his disappearance wouldn’t help.
Jeremy:  Well could use the Lesnar beatings of  Mark Henry as a proven point. Bryan could have defeated him with struggle but come out on top without cheating. Guess we got off the rails a bit but Summerslam has a legit main event and really an opportunity to get the 20-34 demo invested. That is the Brock demo for sure.I am always for a good loud and rowdy split crowd.
Kevin:  LA has a pretty decent record in my book for a crowd too. They’re not Dallas or Chicago but they’re up there.
Jeremy:  I am really hoping for a good crowd. They always make the matches better.

By good crowd I mean invested, split, cheering for one guy, booing the other. Not singing Fandangos fucking song or chanting CM Punk.
Kevin:  Ha. They’ll sing to anything. I’m not sure how the crowd will be but sure the match will be good either way.
Jeremy:  Any chance Cena wins this so they extend it to another PPV?
Kevin:  That thought hit me last night that Cena might win still. I’m not sure if they’re hung up on having the champ there on every show. The WWE can survive without a champ there week in and week out in my opinion.
Jeremy:  They are in the position they cannot possibly have Cena win but then to make it unpredictable he could. I just don’t want to hear the same JBL commentary about him stepping it up on the biggest matches or whatever.
Kevin:  Ugh, don’t even drag the JBL character into this argument. I could do another whole column on him alone. Another statement by him that should be done by Michael Cole or Jerry Lawler though. The WWE has been as unpredictable as in memory for me so it’s a possibility that Cena wins, but I’m more in the Lesnar wins category. Why have the big attraction if he never has the belt?
Jeremy:  Well that is why he is an attraction. So kind of answered your own question.Brock is special enough to win and make the championship more prestigious. John Cena does nothing with the title. Brock as champion and then especially taking off, if that is the plan, will makes title defenses matter
Kevin:  I didn’t necessarily answer my own question though. Some people would say he is an attraction with or without the belt so why give it to him? You listed a number of good reasons to do so.
Jeremy:  Well an attraction doesn’t really need it. Especially in his case the title increases his value as an attraction. I am totally against him being a regular player if he wins. It ruins the power of his name and appearances.
Kevin:  I would expect the WWE to use the Rock patterning for Brock. Have him on more often as champ, but do plenty of them via satellite. Paul Heyman kept Brock’s name alive well at the expense of Cesaro so another poor sap more deserving could get that role.
Jeremy:  no need to even have him on.
make it a hostage angle of sorts. Heyman on TV every week in meantime. I will work. Brock every two months or three at most leading to Royal Rumble. Off top of my head of course.
Kevin:  I’d want to put him on TV some. Show him doing his training. Have some dumb skit with him shooting an animal, if their sponsors are okay that sort of thing. Maybe do a sit down style interview about his next opponent.

Jeremy:  All good ideas btu the animal part needs to be him hunting with his bare hands.
Kevin:  Ha. I can’t wait for the new Summerslam post to be Lesnar holding Cena up on a fishing line with the head line “I’d Rather Be Big Game Hunting.”
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