Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 5: Episode 1: – No Sanctuary



Jeremy:  OK so when you are available let;s get in to this

Kevin:  I’m in the office so I guess that makes me available. What did you want to talk about in such a hurry?

Jeremy:  I figure we get in to walking dead before we get tied up or something
Kevin You took that more literally than expected. Of course we talk about the Walking Dead. Figured it was a good way to re-introduce the chat that’s been dormant for months.
Jeremy:  Hey it is early so cut me some slack.
Kevin Yes it is. Speaking of early, they started the show in the middle, then went backwards, then followed another story line, then finally caught up to action “on time” and ended with a then part.
Jeremy:  Yous aw the after crediots scene right? I know the DVR time scernario is perplexing in your household. I did enjoy the playing with time aspect a lot. It made you pay closer attention to events.
Kevin Sometimes it can feel over done but it wasn’t in this case. I was trying not to start at the end but the last scene I saw was the woman Carol shot in the gym getting raped. Or at least that was what was implied to me.
Jeremy:  OK so you didn’t see the after credits scene then?
With a familiar face making a return?
Kevin Oh, my bad. I saw that a couple of times with Rick’s buddy coming back.
Jeremy:  Yeah man, Morgan is back. I was being overly vague just in case you hadn’t. In an episode of cool stuff that got the biggest pop from me. In an episode full of big moments it stood out. So wuith all of that , we can go to the beginning. Brutal openeing scene. Poor Penguin got offed fast. I had no clue he was the guy from the Carol episode where Rick banished her.
Kevin I just found out! Was that on the Talking Dead? It is always amusing how the heroes of shows get the reprieve just at the right moment.
Jeremy:  Yes they mentuioned it on there. I noticed it was The Penguin immediatly but never would have thought of that. Yeah the teasing of Glenn getting offed was a bit long. Knowing who saved the day after the fact, it would have been better if it was Daryl. Then Carol would have been directly responsible for saving him.
Kevin She’s still mostly responsible for saving Daryl but it would make a bit more sense had he been first in their line. I was expecting Rick to stab the head honcho since they had shown him with piece of wood early.
Jeremy:  You mean Gareth right? They sort of ruined that by showing him in trailers for the season. Unless he is in a flashback, which wouldn’t make sense, he will be back. I thought the business like approach the butchers took was worse than the actual act. They were so detached from morality.
Kevin:  For as crazy a stuff that gets done in that show, even by the Governor, there seemed to be some sort of internal boundary of the character. There was none for them. One of their group, I know he wasn’t in butchering, threatened a child.
Jeremy:  Yeah and of course the guy is wearing a Tigers hat. Jackass. Just go full on douche evil and wear a Yankees hat. Another thing pointed out on talking Dead was that the body on the slab was Gareths brother who was shot in the head in the season finale. Another brutal thing to have happened. It is all survival for them. Sucha  stark contrast from Woodbury and The Prison.
Kevin:  I didn’t feel like a got a good handle on how things ran there. The Group needed to get out ASAP so that does show a difference. Even the Governor told Rick he was coming and gave them time to surrender. No such option at Terminus.
Jeremy:  No Carol and her supreme bottle rocket skills made sure there was no time. You feel let down at all that the build of Terminus was longer than exploring Terminus? I like it because it was different than previous stories. No sulking around Terminus while they count the dead and their mistakes.
Kevin You nailed my biggest complaint. The last half season was all the build to Terminus and they’re out of there in an episode. The reveal of Morgan helped people forget that they blew thru Terminus. The bottle rocket was entirely too accurate.
Jeremy:  What more was there to explore I suppose? An episode of exploration just to blow it up in episode two? This is why I am ok with it. get them all together again. Would it have mattered if this was the season finale?
Kevin How much meat do you need? I mean, it seemed they had several carcasses up there. Were they not eating it on purpose? No one looked like they were slovenly.
Jeremy:  Guess people food has nutrients? hell teh one butcher looked downright beefy. He would have been a nice meal.
Kevin You do have a point. There wasn’t much to the place but if there wasn’t, why is the head guy so interesting that he comes back later in the season?
Jeremy:  No idea, guess that is part fo the fun. There was a big moment when Rick wanted to go back and kill them all. The rest of the dopes int he group want to leave. Did they not learn anything? Carol provided the distraction from it but Rick was absolutly correct. get rid of those dummies.
Kevin The only excuse for not going back to kill them is that they didn’t have enough weaponry and/or the amount of zombies that had been attracted because of the explosion. Rick is correct. Woodbury and everyone else has come back to bite them in the ass so go kill them.
Jeremy:  Even with the hoard, which they did appear to have wiped out decenlty enough, in that moment it was the smart play. If not for Carol and then the reunion with Judith it would have lead to another group fight I figure. Since I mentioned her and have before, um, Carol is the most fleshed out character on the show and is probably my favorite now.
Kevin She certainly is. Nice of her & Rick to reconcile so that chapter of the show is past. I was a little lost on her story line though. Why was Tyreese so out of it? I know I forgot something.
Jeremy:  What do you mean out of it? Not sure I follow. TRhey wrapped up her storyline in a sense but then Tyreese may tell the group and cause issues. Even with the immediate carnage the show did lay out a lot of subplots. Really smart writing.
Kevin Why didn’t he want to kill anyone? They teased Detroit boy being a dick to him to get him to flip out and he didn’t until he had to go outside and take out the zombies and then the Tigers douche.
Jeremy: Well, he was never in to killing people unless it was for survival sake. He knew Lizzie had to go but he wasn;t  at peace with it. he was never the one for violence unless it was a walker. I guess he figures the guy is tied up what harm can he do? The guy basically laid it out for him as well.
Kevin: Okay, I had forgotten his history. He was very hesitant to kill for the Prison, Woodbury and even when he got back to the Prison.
I do always worry when people dress like zombies that they’re going to get shot. I didn’t think Carol would get it but I think it should happen during the show’s run.
Jeremy:  I thought the same thing. When she leaned on the fence to look through especially. Tyreese though, is the man, he bare fisted a bunch of Walkers, broke down the door like the Kool-Aid Man and in the same motion preformed a prefect take down. Then beat the guy to death apparently.
Kevin I thought it was abundantly clear that he’d killed him even before he told Carol not to go into the cabin.
Jeremy:  Yeah but it goes back to the ” if you don;t see the body” rule.
I thought the second punch did it. I agree he is dead and if so, Tyreese is the scariest guy on this show now.
Kevin You need to see the detached head in this show. Just a dead body is asking for trouble. I did enjoy that dick move by Rick to let the butcherers turn instead of killing them right away.
Jeremy:  Yeah that is a bigger insult than killing someone now. Even still, tactically not the smartest. I still subscribe to the ” take em all out while you” plan. Is there any way you are believing Eugene’s story? He didn’t give an actual answer and Maggie goes “See there ya go, get back to work.”
Kevin I’m not sure why anyone believes him. Only thing I can think of is nothing has worked to slow the tide of zombies so you may as well give anything a shot. Even a guy who seems more slow than super intelligent with the way he acts.
Jeremy:  I find it interesting the conflict with his character. Anyone with his voice is immediately dismissed. They have set up the guy that sounds like a total bumpkin to be the smartest man, supposedly , on the show.
Kevin:  It isn’t just the voice. The mannerisms and social awkwardness add to it. I would feel more comfortable with his story if he demonstrated anything even if it was curing a zombie temporarily. I’m not sure why anyone thinks DC will be better off than anywhere they’ve been either.
Jeremy:  Yes there is that as well. No one has stopped to say, um, Atlanta fell and it is bigger than DC.
Kevin The Group has been driven out of multiple places for multiple reasons. I guess you would figure nothing is safe. Then pray that this country bumpkin really does have the solution.
Jeremy:  Abraham has a reason being a soldier and following orders. the rest though, We may be getting a head of the show though. It was only the season premiere
Kevin It’s all info we could have said before the season stopped too. This point forward will be the first time they try to complete Eugene’s mission as a crew. Everyone splitting up before Terminus threw things off. Glenn drug that crew there to get Maggie.
Jeremy:  So now everyone is reunited, well, except Beth which should be mentioned next episode.
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