Monday Morning Mop Up: Bellator vs UFC vs WWE

MMA-Photo-1I ended up watching UFC 180 at the BW3 that I usually watch them at. When I got onto Twitter to type up my round by round comments, I noticed that most people were talking about Bellator 31. It seemed as though people were enjoying Bellator quite a bit. Considering that I got to watch a grand total of five rounds, I wasn’t exactly geeked about the UFC PPV.

Because Fabricio Werdum ended Mark Hunt in the second round, BW3 turned on Bellator 31. Everything people had been talking about how good the fighting was in Bellator got tossed out the window. Bellator pulled a TNA, they put Tito Ortiz vs Stephan Bonnar in the main event. I watched nearly the whole thing and it was terrible. I didn’t expect it to be good which is why I got a hoot out of Ortiz making it sound like a coup that Bellator got to televise this match. I understand wanting to capitalize on the more well known names, but put them in the co-main event in the future.

One other interesting point that I thought of while watching UFC 180 is how much they try to impress when they go to a country. The card ended up stinking, but they tried to load it up for Mexico. The big plans got squashed when Cain Velasquez was injured, but they tried. As I watch Smackdown while writing this, I notice how little effort the WWE has put forth this week trying to impress England. They split their superstars off so that some aren’t on Raw and some aren’t on Smackdown. I should also point out that the WWE is airing their weekly programs overseas and not their pay per views. I would think if you wanted to hook in more foreign fans, you;d be like the UFC and stage your pay per views there. – Kevin

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