#SippyTimeBeer Review – A Round Table of Drunks II: Part 2

From Deviantart.com JLA Knights by TheComicFan

From Deviantart.com JLA Knights by TheComicFan



JeremyCharlotte, NC

RJ RockersSon Of A Peach

Location: Spartanburg SC

IBU- 16   ABV- 6.0%

Sometimes you find a beer and it is surprising good. I discovered Son Of A Peach years ago but it wasn’t until this year that I really fell in love with it. The brew has a definite peach smell and flavor without overwhelming there tastes buds. It has become the go to beer even when new brews are available. It is that good and commands that much respect from me. I enjoy it so much it was the beer of choice at my wedding.

travlers-shandyTravelerJack-O Traveler

Location: Burlington VT

IBU- 7   ABV- 4.4%

I found this beer at Draught in Charlotte before the Panthers/Lions game back in September. The pumpkin smell and taste hit you immediately without tasting like a chemical concoction. This was a seriously easy drink and never got old. The alcohol content is a bit on the low side but whatever. It is the perfect sit around and chill out beer before a game, in the backyard or just for the hell of it.

thumb_pig-pounder-extra-special-pig-2Pig PounderESB – Extra Special Pig

Location: Greensboro NC

IBU- 30   ABV- 5.3%

ESB’s are incredibly tough to find now that IPAs have become the standard for all craft breweries. It was a nice surprise when finding this at the Charlotte Oktoberfest.  Fortunately this was an early brew before the buds and the brain were on full dilution mode. It was a strong bodied and not as butter as expected beer. If you can find it, since it is a Greensboro, NC brewery, it is highly recommended.

Boulevard BrewingBoulevard Brewing Co.Unfiltered Wheat Beer

Location:Cedar Rapids IA

IBU- 14   ABV- 4.4%

I found this brew while sitting at a hotel bar in the middle of nowhere or as the locals call it Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In blustery January of all times and the snow blowing with a wind chill of -32 and no car what else was there to do? The beer is cloudy as an unfiltered beer should be and then some. You can’t see through the bottle, which is brown dur, but once poured in the glass and activated there is no chance. I knew right then it would be good and it didn’t disappoint. A little bit of bitterness was followed by a smooth, almost too smooth, drink. Even after four of them I never got tired of the taste. It has neo become the go to wheat beer when the mood strikes.

NODA-YR-1-JamSession1NODAKnight’s Ale

Location: Charlotte NC

IBU- 58   ABV- 5.9%

The IPA market is so full now that finding anything unique is near impossible. Sure they all taste good but nothing stands out. This changed when I found this at The Charlotte Knights game. NODA produces this brew strictly for the ball park and it is a shame as it is top notch. Where other breweries have tried to add or accentuate their IPAs NODA went the opposite direction and created a straight forward, bitter, intense flavored, IPA. This is a simple beer and that is why it stands out so well. Simplicity without losing flavor? I wish more breweries would go backwards like this.

ChrisColumbus OH

 Saison-StoneStone Brewing CompanyStone Saison
Location: Escondido, CA
IBU: 45   ABV: 6.0%
Another expensive gargoyle hit the shelves this year, and it’s of the saison variety. Stone uses lemon zest, lemon thyme, and lavender to give this farmhouse ale a rich flavor profile. Being 6%, it’s not terribly dangerous to ingest a few of these in a row — and that’s a good thing, because one is not enough. Most saison beers have a vaguely hefeweizen-esque flavor profile to my palette, but this one is much different. The flavors aren’t particularly pungent, but they are complex and very well blended. I know I should be bitter about Stone giving us the cold shoulder, but dammit their beer is just so good. One problem though — why isn’t this called Spicy Bastard Ale!?
Location: Lakewood NY
IBU: ???   ABV: 8.0%
What could be worse than one Christmas? Yep, two Christmas. Fortunately, drinking a 2xMas doesn’t mean you have to call your granny again. This “double spiced ale brewed in the tradition of Swedish Glögg” will blast your some seriously seasonal flavors. Glögg is a Swedish mulled wine, seasoned with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger, cloves, and orange zest. 2xMas also has figs, and is brewed with four types of malt and two types of hops. This unique ale has more body than Mama June, and weighs in at 8% ABV, so go get some before it gets taken off the air — err — shelves.
Location: Columbus OH
IBU: ???   ABV: 6.5%
Quite possibly the best beer you can find at the sketchy Speedway down the street, CBC IPA has been a staple beer for me all year. When I’m scratching my neck like crackhead Dave Chappelle, jonesing for the hops, I can get my fix with this 6.5% unfiltered American IPA just about anywhere in the Columbus area. Intensely floral and hoppy but not muddled, reasonably well balanced with malt and not too heavy, this is a great all-around IPA for a junkie like me. Indeed, I’ve probably consumed more of this than any other alcoholic beverage this year (and I do like to drink).
Great Divide HibernationGreat Divide Brewing CompanyHibernation Ale
Location: Denver CO
IBU: ???   ABV: 8.7%
Great Divide has been brewing this deliciously strong old ale since 1995, and let me tell you — they’ve got it nailed. With 8.7% ABV and a heavy malt body, this bear of a beer will send a paddle-wielding bro straight to the porcelain puke pot, but the careful practitioner of beer-drinkery will enjoy the warm spicy notes that come with the rich malt base. Hibernation is dry-hopped, making for a nice balance and enticing aroma. Great Divide never fails to impress, and this is one of my favorites from them.
Bell's Brewery Two Hearted AleBell’s Brewing CompanyTwo Hearted Ale
Loction: Kalamzoo, MI
IBU: ??? ABV: 7.0%
Everybody loves this beer. In fact, one guy on beer advocate claims he would bathe in it. Honestly, I probably would too. This is another American IPA with enough hops to please the Hops Gods, but the distinctly sweet malty body brings the bitterness down for a nice smooth finish. If this beer dropped in an MMO game, a huge fucking halo of light would shoot down from the sky, angels would sing, and the item name text would be rainbow-colored. Talk about legendary… Oh gods, I need one. Where are my car keys?

KevinColumbus, OH

Clown Shoes GalacticaClown Shoes BeerGalactica

Location: Ipswitch MA

IBU: ??? ABV: 8.0%

I reviewed this beer earlier this year. It was easily the most memorable IPA I drank this year. Even though I had no idea what to think about it the first time I drank it, I continued to mow down the four pack. It’s a tongue twister of an IPA that is unlike any other I have had.

weyerbacher - merry monksWeyerbacherMerry Monks

Location: Easton PA

IBU: 15   ABV: 9.3%

I reviewed this beer a mere three weeks ago. It’s not any less fantastic now than it was now. It’s a Belgian Tripel that keeps you Merry all night long. It’d be perfect to ring in the New Year, even if you’re literally doing that in the monastery.

Brew Kettle 4 CsThe Brew KettleFour C’s

Location: Strongsville OH

IBU: 50   ABV: 6.0%

This beer was also reviewed earlier this year. It also helped me kick start my love with pale ales over the course of this year. Even though I’ve beaten my tongue into submission to enjoy IPAs, I still prefer when the bitterness is backed off. They use the Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Columbus hops to come up with the name and a very tasty beer. Your beer doesn’t need to make it to India to be enjoyed. Pick up a pale ale and support the not so bitter side.

PhotoGrid_1393561310438The Orkney BrewerySkull Splitter

Location: Orkney Scotland

IBU: ???   ABV: 8.5%

This beer is the only one on all of the lists that is international in nature. The US isn’t the only country who can churn out quality craft beer. This beer was certainly my favorite malty beverage of the year. It was sweet without going over board. I hope some real vikings got to taste a beverage this good when they were roaming the seas to pillage and plunder.

Deschutes Black Butte XXVDeschutes BreweryBlack Butte Porter XXV

Location: Bend OR

IBU: 64   ABV: 11.3%

This beer is the only one on m list that I haven’t gotten to a review on. Fred was kind enough to share his bottle with me and I am sure glad he did. I do enjoy the Black Butte Porter without any special labels on it as I have mentioned in a review earlier this year. They up the ante by adding black currants, dates, figs and chocolate to the brewing process. They top it all off by barrel aging this beverage in bourbon casks. All of these notes are delightful additions to an impeccable porter.

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