Stunt Granny Presents: OHPA 30

The Many Epiphanies of Jessica FletcherKen & Kevin are back for a second time this week because of certain timely topics. The main topic though is about Angela Lansbury better known as Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She Wrote. Who put together the nearly sixty minute video of her “Many Epiphanies.” What are the rules for the drinking game he created while watching the show? Does it sound worse than the infamous Iron Chef drinking game your hosts took part in? What show did they watch to get tuned up for Iron Chef? Why does all of this Jessica Fletcher talk get Ken & Kevin to talk about the A Team? What do the shows have in common? How do they connect the dots to Knight Rider? Going back to last week’s show, does Kitt have a soul? Ken & Kevin also tie Neil deGrasse Tyson into this conversation because of his tweets about Back To The Future. “The Ladies Corner” makes it debut on the show and we ask the Lady about an app that allows you to treat your cell phone as an old camera in which you only get one chance to snap the picture. Does she think it’ll be popular? Why wouldn’t she use it? Does anyone actually go back and look through their old pictures online? The last topic of the night is about Deflate-gate or Ball-ghazi if you prefer. How much did Ken & Kevin enjoy this Cialis video from Benstonium about this ridiculous topic? Find out when you click on the link below!

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