Stunt Granny Audio 298


Chris & Kevin are back and still trying to avoid talking about Raw. Instead of waiting until the end of the show though, they get the basics out of the way early. Was it a bad show? Why did the WWE spend so much time on the Seth Rollins and Kane? Was it a bad storyline though? Will Kane turn baby face? Why is New Day getting rewarded for being a truly awful gimmick when Cesaro is stuck in some weird tag team that doesn’t function correctly? Sure, him and Tyson Kidd have the Tag Team Title Belts but why isn’t Natalya all in on being a heel? How many of these odd little story lines bugging both Chris & Kevin? They finally move on to some TNA news, Taz leaving the company. Why was his podcast about why he left so infuriating? How much of a dick is Josh Matthews? Is that what held him back in the WWE? Did Taz ever say why he left TNA? Chris & Kevin ended by talking about NXT. How amusing is Enzo Amore & Big Cass? Will Blake & Murphy ever get personalities? Is Chris still hot and bothered by Dana Brooke? Which part of NXT did Kevin remember that Chris didn’t? Find out when you click the link below!

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