Stunt Granny Conversation: Sting, Ziggler, PTP and The Bellas

Jeremy's Vision of Sting from

Jeremy’s Vision of Sting from

Jeremy: This is the beginning of our convo about raw. You failed to mention TNA Sting wrestled in a  fucking t-shirt on Monday Night Raw.
Kevin: Ha. I was too busy worrying about how many times they said season premiere. If I had actually been drinking, I would have been hammered.
Jeremy: I was so embarrassed as a fan I turned it off. Don;t get me wrong, the show sucked but that was just the worst.
Kevin: I honestly didn’t even think about it. I know we’ve made fun of him doing so in the past but I think I’m just used to it at this point. I was more baffled by the announcers not mentioning Cena wrestling twice in one night and how it might wear him out for Sunday.
Jeremy: You are expecting the announcers to do an adequate job? You mean they didn’t blow it when Cesaro beat Rusev in 3 minutes for his 4th loss ever on TV? Or the fact that Nikki Bella has had her title saved twice with the same angle?
Kevin: I shouldn’t expect the announcers to do anything. They are the worst part of the product. Wouldn’t have mattered what they did for Cesaro. Michael Cole could have gone to the top of that particular arena and sang the praises of Cesaro a la Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music and Cesaro would still have been crapped on ever since that win.
Jeremy: They should have been in shock Rusev went down so fast. Especially in the manner he did although that roll up was snug as hell.Then showed some sort of disgust with Dolph for kicking him when he is down, yet again. Oh one of them did, the “heel” announcer. JBL is exactly right. Dolph is a terrible human being. All those two dummies did in return was say….nothing. They literally said nothing.
Kevin: I forgot Cesaro even won last night. But considering Rusev did lose because of the distraction, it made more sense to down play the feat of Cesaro. And pretty please with a cherry on top, make Dolph a heel. I’ll look forward to JBL singing his praises in two weeks. Cole & Byron Saxton will still be silent.
Jeremy: It will give JBL a chance for celebration if he chooses to be a heel in that moment. The only way out of this for it to make any sense is Dolph and Summer get attached and make fun of Lana and Rusev. Rusev gets back together with Lana and she turns him back in to the killer and she gets a backbone again. but we both know it will end with Dolph and Lana pulling one over on Summer and Rusev.
Kevin: The first thing I thought when Ziggler came down was that it was a trick. Summer being happy about the present made me switch my mind. It’s actually the first part of this angle that has made sense. Granted, the heel & baby face roles are reversed but it makes sense.
Jeremy: It also plays back in to the no one has a television rule. Unless Rusev leaves without Summer and only talks to her backstage so he never sees her grab the box? So stupid. Just ready for the angle to be over.
Kevin: No way to watch back Raw Jeremy. There’s no social media. No one is your friend who saw the cheating whore take the box. I was wondering how she hid it from Rusev as she doesn’t have pockets and took it into his dressing room.
Jeremy: She hid it behind her back like Daffy Duck. But enough of the negative. can we please talk about new Day already?
Kevin: Why not? There’s plenty of bitching and positives to go around. New Day is certainly a positive. The trombone is so annoying and funny. I enjoyed Xavier Woods trying not to sound good last night.
Jeremy: OK this is a positive and a negative. Xavier Woods was annoying as hell. But that is what he is supposed to be much to my chagrin. they are heels so he is doing his job. but then he plays taps at the end and it is perfect.
Kevin: It doesn’t annoy me one iota. I just keep laughing. From the looks on Kofi’s face, Big E’s dancing and Woods and his stupid trombone.
Jeremy: The trombone wasn’t annoying at all. Him yelling all the time was so kudos to him. Big E makes the act with his dancing and facial expressions. Kofi though is doing his best work ever, in the ring as well.
Kevin: I’m not sure why that is but the yelling at ring side always seems annoying. I don’t know why more wrestlers don’t talk trash in the ring.
Jeremy: Isn’t it seen as indy by WWE production? It was rarely done but seems to be coming back a bit.
Kevin: I do a piss poor job of keeping up with the idiosyncrasies of WWE production. There are too many of them. It would be funny if that’s the case though considering “Suplex City” caught on like wild fire. I’m not sure why trash talking would fall under that label though since it’s done in pretty much every other sport. Not so much in MMA but plenty of guys gesture in MMA to “Bring it” or “That didn’t hurt” which would fall under trash talking to me.
Jeremy: Because this is Sports Entertainment.
Kevin: If the guys can be entertaining trash talking in the ring, then it’ll be sports entertainment. I could see it getting old quickly if everyone did it.
Jeremy: This wasn’t necessarily trash talk by Titus was good getting the crowd off their asses. It is unfortunate the PTP didn’t have the push behind them, if that is the correct term in this case, because the crowd was behind the New Day.
Kevin: I’m not sure the crowd was behind New Day. It was pretty tough to tell last night again in my opinion. Crowd kind of sucked. They were all in on the dog bark that Titus does. I do think push is the right word. PTP got some inset promos before quickly going over New Day. PTP then loses all their TV time to the entertaining version of New Day and have been marginalized ever since.
Jeremy: Damn you are spot on today man. I got nothing to add on that point. I mentioned this to Shahid but is it possible Titus can get a singles run?
Kevin: That’s a weird one to me since he already got a shot at being a singles wrestler when Young got hurt but got about the same type of push behind him. I don’t think they trust his in ring skills even though they love how he can toss people around.
Jeremy: His tossing skills is what made me think of it. Then he followed it up by milking the oorha, how the hell you spell that anyway? He seems to get it and his power moves are strong.
Kevin: I’d pay to watch that guy more. I know that much. People were still even doing the “Millions of Dollars” dance even though it seemed like it was banned.
Jeremy: It seemed like everything that made PTP an almost totally over group was banned. Only explanation for the sudden change. The Bella ending was embarrassingly obvious. The Diva revolution is so strong.
Kevin: Ha. I’m not sure how the WWE or even the Divas involved can feel good about how things turned out. They have to admit that Nikki tied the streak even before the big match so even if Charlotte wins, Nikki is still in the record books. What good does that do Charlotte then except make her champ?
Jeremy: No one cares if you tie a record though. Breaking it is where the money is at. My issue is if there was any integrity the match would have restarted but whatever.
Kevin: I was trying to figure out what it was that was bothering me last night about yet another sports analogy for women, this time Serena Williams. The integrity part is what gets me. Venus didn’t try to pretend to be Serena in the middle of a tennis match. The Twin Magic thing was fine when they were a new act trying to get heat but to be relying on the same gimmick 8 years into your tenure is embarrassing.
Jeremy: I wouldn’t have minded that ending if we hadn’t seen the exact same thing with Paige. Also, why does it matter? Referee counted a pin so why does eh care what they say? Has that ever mattered? It was a bad decision made by lazy writers.
if they cant figure out an ending then why does it matter to the audience? if they had any balls they would have held up the titel and Nikki wouldn;t have been champ past AJ Lee. no chance they would do that though.
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