New Ohio Wrestling + Zauber Brewing = Preview Post

Zauber's Kitschy Kolsch from 2013 - Kevin DiFrango

Zauber’s Kitschy Kolsch from 2013 – Kevin DiFrango

I get to attend two events on Saturday evening that cover both of my passions that getting blogged about in this very space, professional wrestling and beer. The only way this would be more convenient would be if pro wrestling ever took place in a brewery. It would save me some driving. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

My evening will start at Zauber Brewing Company (909 W. Fifth Avenue Cbus OH) which is holding their two year anniversary at their current location. The Kitschy Kolsch pictured above got picked up in the good old days of their growler fill room, pre-Taproom. Zauber will be celebrating with The Winnie Cooper Project providing the music. They will be providing hourly rotating beer specials, brewery tours and giveaways. Zauber will also be debuting an Imperial version of their Belgian IPA, Berzerker. The party starts at 4 PM and runs until 10 PM. The Taproom stays open until 1 AM if you’re running late.

New Ohio Wrestling logo saved from

New Ohio Wrestling logo saved from

The second part of my evening will be in Groveport (just southeast of Columbus) with the second installment of New Ohio Wrestling. I’ve always found it odd that Cleveland is a hot bed for independent wrestling organizations but Cbus can’t seem to get one organized. Their first event slipped past me but this one was pointed out to me by former Prime Wrestling alumni “Big Bear” Benjamin Boone. The scheduled matches so far are:

“Sweet Dream” Sless Taylor vs “No Shame” Jimmy Shane

“Darkstar” Matt Taylor vs Juice Jennings

Marion Fontaine vs Robby “Super” Starr

Bryan Castle vs “The Appalachian Outlaw” Jock Samson

Jeff “Big Guns” Cannon vs Joshua Singh

Graham Wellington & Onyx vs “The Stretcher” James Avery & “The Professional” Brandon Fields

Ron Mathis vs “True Grit” Bruce Grey

Full report coming on both events on Monday. – Kevin

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