Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE NXT – 17 Feb. ’16

For Deonna Purrazzo who was sporting a Ferrari symbol on her top and bottom of her outfit. Saved from

For Deonna Purrazzo who was sporting a Ferrari symbol on her top and bottom of her outfit. Saved from

Enzo & Big Cass and American Alpha vs Blake & Murphy w/ Alexa Bliss and Dawson & Dash – Dan Gable did all of the selling for the baby face team. Jason Jordan got the hot tag and got help from Big Cass to help clean house. After American Alpha’s finisher got broken up, Enzo tagged in and did the Rocket Launcher Splash for the win. Corey Graves rightfully calls it a stolen win.

Deonna Purrazzo starts to explain that Asuka is an opponent like she’s never faced when Dana Brooke & Emma come along. They say that they run the women’s division. They tell Deanna she’s pathetic if she thinks she can beat Asuka since they didn’t. How they can claim to run the women’s division? I know that’s what heels are supposed to do but they’ve only beaten jobbers.

Deonna Purrazzo vs Asuka – Deonna put up more of a fight but it still wasn’t much of one. Asuka is very impressive with her fluidity going from one move to the next. Her matches don’t seem to have any real similarities as far as order of moves or what she uses as a finisher. Her spinning heel kick did in Purrazzo on this night. Asuka did attempt her Asuka-Lock earlier in the match.

Nia Jax is mad because she wasn’t cleared to wrestle in the Battle Royal match because she would have won it. Eva Marie wants Asuka to stay out of their business.

Ty Dillinger vs Alex Riley – Riley dominated the match but ended up losing to Dillinger on a roll up. This match was strange on several fronts. Both men have been painted as heel so there was no one to root for. Tom Phillips & Corey Graves were doing a good job of putting over Riley so having the opposite person win is a head scratcher. Dillinger isn’t exactly going to get a bump from the match either as Riley has only had one win prior to this loss.

Finn Balor compliments Apollo Crews then says that both Sami Zayn & Samoa Joe are worthy contenders for his NXT Title.

William Regal turns down Baron Corbin‘s second request to be put in the match with Joe & Zayn. Corbin threatens someone’s eyes in response to the decision. So should I enjoy this next match until the inevitable interference?

Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn – I didn’t have the gumption to talk about the second straight screw ball finish that occurred during a number one contendership match for the NXT Title. I would have much preferred Corbin interfering as I thought would happen with the previous segment. Instead, Samoa Joe put his arm around Sami Zayn as Zayn laid on top of Joe for a double pin/draw. At least this time around, the referee had a definitive answer for William Regal when he came out. It doesn’t make it less stupid.

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