Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 6 – No Way Out

Carl from the graphic novel of The Walking Dead. Saved from

Carl from the graphic novel of The Walking Dead. Saved from

Kevin: I have never watched the full episode of The Walking Dead in the morning until today.

Jeremy: Not get to it last night or watch it again?

Kevin: I didn’t get to it last night. The day drinks made me sleepy earlier than normal.

Jeremy: Yes that was our experience Saturday. I thought it was a good episode.

Kevin: Any episode that starts off with a group of people dying by bazooka, gets a nod of approval from me.

Jeremy: How great was that? You knew as soon as Daryl and the fodder went behind the truck it was over for them. But a bazooka shot? Didn’t see that coming.

Kevin: Neither did I. Too bad I actually enjoyed the characters that stopped them too. “It gets really awkward riding with someone who I just killed one of their friends.” or something close to that. I was laughing pretty hard at that line.

Jeremy: This show does a very good job of finishing charismatic bad guys. Even the fodder types. I do get a kick out of Abraham always asking who people are. It was pointed out on talking Dead as well.

Kevin: I didn’t realize that. Abraham  is always good for a laugh or two himself. It was good of him to keep the gang distracted while Daryl loaded up.

Jeremy: So was he doing that on purpose or was he just doing that since they were being held hostage basically? This was the only part of that sequence I was confused on. It doesn’t matter much really.

Kevin: Hard to say really without Abraham making it clear. It just seemed like what his character would do in a hold up situation. He’s ready to die. Didn’t even flinch when the guy threatened to shoot them.

Jeremy: Yeah and Sasha had to a cave to save him. That mean she is going to take him up on her offer?

Kevin: I would imagine it’ll happen at some point but did he say he wasn’t with Rosita any more? Because she did manage to survive.

Jeremy: No he did not. I just wants to tussle with Sasha. So the man has options ahead now and good for him. Especially if he can pull off the duo. Unlike poor Rick who saw his future booty get chowed down.

Kevin: Stupid Sam lasted longer than I expected. I wasn’t expected her to become zombie chow though. Good of the writers/runners/whatever they’re called these days to kill off that family as quickly as possible.

Jeremy: They totally dropped the “Mom…mom” from the end of the first half season. When the direct shot of Sam came up I was hoping beyond hope he was getting bit. When the first walked popped up I yelled “YES!” When the second came in and bit his forehead I was was so happy. has there been a death on that show so satisfying?

Kevin: The only ounce of sympathy I had for him was the fact that Carol’s speech got into his head and that’s what caused him to freeze. Other than that, I was ready for Sam to die a horrible death and they delivered on that front. The fore head bite is what really got me.

Jeremy: All the brat had to do was listen to his mom or stay with Gabriel. He got what he deserved and it was fantastic. Of course they had to ruin it by killing his mom off right after.

Kevin: She never made much of an impact on the show what so ever. Which I was hoping ever since realizing she was the maid on American Horror Story. Sure, Rick killed her husband and it caused some strife with Ron & Carl but that even ended pretty swiftly with Michonne skewering Ron.

Jeremy: Wait, you just called Ron trying to murder Carl twice, some strife. Poor Carl lost an eye man. Have some sympathy.

Kevin: Tried is the key word. Big panzy couldn’t pull the trigger despite Carl sort of stealing his woman and Rick killing his dad.

Jeremy: Well he probably would if not for the quick thinking of Michonne. I love the fact the show killed off two kids in a span of five minutes. The entire family got wiped out. Only one will be missed.

Kevin: So, question, did you believe there was a chance Glenn died this time around?

Jeremy: Oh no. None at all. Maggie was a different case since none of the major characters were in danger.

Kevin: I’ll admit to buying into this one like an idiot. I thought it’d be extra cruel to have Glenn die in front of Maggie. I was wondering why he didn’t have a weapon other than a gun. I know he was trying to draw the zombies away from the tower with the gun fire but you should have back up.

Jeremy: It was the only gun they found in the church. People planning on this show never seems to go well nor do they get constructed correctly. Rick, yes under duress, had no plan other than go hack walkers.

Kevin: I thought that moment was a nice call to when Rick snapped when Lori died and he went into the prison and started hacking away.

Jeremy: I thought it was a callback from Tyreese but yours makes more sense. Seeing Carl get shot is much closer to Lori getting killed. The stakes were obviously much higher this time but at least the back up arrived for the other townspeople.

Kevin: The rest of the town people showing up was a nice change of pace. I always figured that a large enough group of people could take out a large swath of Walkers.

Jeremy: So all of them were just sitting around in their houses safe as can be? Seems like Ricks plan was garbage as they could have just milled over to another house. Did they ever say if the horde thinned out inside the grounds? Because Denise and The Wolf were running through that small horde easy enough until she stopped.

Kevin: It never seemed like the horde thinned out. I’m not sure why some of the walkers weren’t attracted to some of the houses. There were enough people in them to at least warrant a few zombies scratching at the door. How the Walkers didn’t catch the scent of the Denise & the Wolf is way over my head since they were outside. They were quiet but that’s it.

Jeremy: Goes to the flexible rules. I was just happy he got killed as well. Carol being the gunner made it more satisfying. I don’t buy in to the redemption idea with him and Denise. He needed her, end of story.

Kevin: He would have turned on her in a heart beat. He knew his arm getting lopped off was the only way he wasn’t going to become a zombie.

Jeremy: The Wolf did come back for her before he got bit. After that he was absolutely in her care. It felt like most of what happened in this episode should have been in the id season finale, minus the Daryl stuff.

Kevin: They’ve been pretty consistent recently about the carry over episode to start the new half season then resetting in episode two. Rick’s speech to Carl makes me think that tradition is continuing.

Jeremy: The speech was one of the things that made me go this route. It seemed like a perfect end of season speech. The grabbing of the fingers would give us a little hope.

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