Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 79 – Russia, Finland and Cahokia

From Roman Fedorstov’s Twitter account. Saved from

Ken & Kevin are starting off the New Year with some new weird news stories. They start off in Russia talking about Roman Fedorstov’s Twitter account which posts all manner of sea creatures that he catches while fishing off the coast of Murmansk. Does this article have a good Headline? Does Fedorstov’s picture taking have to be accounted for in how these fish look? How much do your hosts know about marine life? How poorly can they describe some of these creatures that Fedorstov catches? How many comparisons can they make during these descriptions? Ken & Kevin move to the west of Russia and talk about Finland, who is going to experiment with giving people a universal basic income. Would Stunt Granny go full time into podcasting if they had this type of income? How many people are receiving this benefit? How much money are they receiving on a monthly basis? Are there any strings attached? Is any other country experimenting with this idea? Could it ever happen in the US? Ken & Kevin move along to their last topic, Cahokia. How poorly were they taught the history of the land that is now the United States? How long ago was this city built? Where is it in the US? How long did this city exist for? Would it have been around when Christopher Columbus “found” the New World? The guys end by talking about a very special Bell Time Beer from Jeremy Maes. So click on the link already!

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