Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 81 – Survivalists, Asteriods and Blood Sucking Bats

Sai Kaew Beach Resort saved from

Ken & Kevin are back and they were hopeful for the Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots game. Hear their woefully misguided opinions before they move along to talking about a luxury resort for survivalists. Where exactly is this being built? Who does it cater to? Would one of your hosts be able to afford a place at this resort? Is there a chance they get an invitation to join the resort? What amenities are at this resort? The guys move along from dooms day preppers to what brought about doomsday for the dinosaurs, a gigantic asteroid strike off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula. What does this event have to do with cenotes otherwise known as sink holes? How hot was the asteroid when it struck earth? What strange phenomenon happened after that in the immediate vicinity of the strike? What if something flying struck you in the neck? What if it happened to be a vampire bat? Will they be invading the OHPA region any time soon? What did they learn about vampire bats? How about the blood consistency of humans compared to their aviary friends? Why does this matter to a blood sucking bat? They wrap up the show up by talking about gene-editing to help restore animals vision. What has it been tested on so far? How well does it work? Will it help umpires and referees from being asked “Are you blind?” Ken & Kevin drive it home by talking about the fine beverages that they drank that will now qualify as Bell Time Beers. Grab a drink, click the link and enjoy the show.

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