Stunt Granny Audio 400 – Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Stunt Granny LLC/Kevin DiFrango

Jeremy & Kevin are joined by the not completely lost Eric on this special edition of the Stunt Granny Audio Show. Yes you read that right; Eric is back for this joyous occasion. What do you the boys make of the recent leaked WWE Women videos and pics? Are they garbage for looking at them or just part of what happens naturally? How have things changed since the inception of Stunt Granny? Who still has Stunt Granny blocked on Twitter and why? They talk about the latest episode of Smackdown. Yes just the latest show since someone has watched all of two hours of wrestling this month and they just happened to be the day we recorded. What was the highlight? Why do the main angles all see like they re out of 2009? The boys also get nostalgic. How have the favorite punching bags of old taken the fight out of the guys? Who was the angriest of the group way back when? Is it the same person who was probably the biggest dick? How has wrestling journalism and reporting changed? Who is the reason for that change?  All of this and a bunch more funny this week so won;t you give us a listen?


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