Stunt Granny Audio 414 – Braun, Joe, Lesnar, AJ, Nakamura…..Top Guy Stuff!

While Kevin continues his Haitian vacation Jeremy and Chris take over “Stunt Granny Audio #414.” Just ignore the intro and trust us, this is #414. The guys discuss Carmella’s win at Money in the Bank and her subsequent star-making promo on Smackdown. Was Daniel Bryan correct in stripping her of the briefcase? What’s missing from Jinder Mahals’ title reign? What can WWE do to give Jinder Mahal more legitimacy as a champion? What potential match up should be made for WrestleMania based off Money in the Bank? Why did WWE break up Enzo and Cass already? What does the future hold for both and more specifically where does Cass fit in on the Raw brand? Why does Baron Corbin wear a shirt now? Are people that obsessive? How crowded is the main event rung on the Raw ladder? How great is it to have Braun Strowman back? Wait, is Roman a heel or a face? Based off of his great promo isn’t he a heel? Regardless, didn’t he kill it on the mic as well? There is so much more on this packed episode, including TNA news! All you have to do is listen so get to downloading already.


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