Stunt Granny Audio Interview Series: The Magnum CK about JLit Weekend

All Rights to Absolute Intense Wrestling for this fine graphic.

Kevin welcomes The Magnum CK back to the podcast. He’s here to talk about the JT Lightning Memorial Tournament and the Chandler Biggins Memorial Tag Team Tournament that are being held by Absolute Intense Wrestling. Magnum talks about his history with JT Lightning and what this tournament means to him. We then get around to talking about his first round opponent Swoggle fka Hornswoggle. How many short puns do we both use during this portion of the show? We also talk about the possibility of him facing stable mate Frankie Flynn in subsequent rounds along with others like Joey Janela, The MJF and Gangrel among others. What happened when The Production had a run in with Papa Shango at the last AIW show? How does he think Eddy Only & Danhausen A.D. do for The Production in Biggins Tag Team Tourney? Find out the answer to these questions and more when you click the link below!

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