Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #162


“We Watch Stuff” is finally back and the boys play catch up. Shahid runs down his theatre viewing. What did he think of Overlord, Widows and Creed 2? They discuss the cancellation of Marvel’s Netflix shows. Will they end up on the Disney streaming service or not? How would Daredevil and Punisher fit on a “family oriented” streaming service? Is there room for these shows in the greater Marvel universe now? Is Disney/Marvel going to consolidate their shows and movies? Where does Hulu fit with all of this? Does Shang-Chi deserve his own movie since, well, no one really knows him? Who should play the character?  Who is playing Red Dead in a prim and proper way and who is just out there surviving? How ridiculously advanced is this game and what does it mean for the future of gaming?

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