Stunt Granny Presents – OHPA 144 – Ostrich Eggs, Steelers and Ninja on The Masked Singer

Stunt Granny LTD/ Kevin DiFrango

Ken & Kevin are back after a couple of weeks off. They start off by talking about ostrich eggs. Why? Because this is now a “gross” of shows. They move to the Pittsburgh Steelers. How strange has this season been even though it’s only been five games? How strange is it that the fourth string quarterback is going to start a game? How well is their defense playing? Could they still possibly win the AFC North? The guys end the show talking about The Masked Singer and specifically recently unveiled contestant Ninja. What does he do for a living? And just how much does he get paid? It makes the show go off the rails talking about their childhood and how it could have aided them in their professional endeavors. It also makes them embrace how strange this time is in the history of the world. Enjoy.

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