Stunt Granny Audio 556 – Performance Center WWE

Kevin was joined by Shahid this week to talk about the WWE being the last bastion of large gatherings by altering their plans for Wrestlemania. Is it any surprise that Vince McMahon held out this long to alter Wrestlemania plans? How did Smackdown and Raw do in the WWE Performance Center? How strange is it not to have crowd reaction to anything? Why are the wrestlers still playing to the crowd when everyone knows there isn’t a crowd? How long can Wrestlemania possibly go with so few matches set up? Why did Rhea Ripley do her full entrance before making a save of Bianca Belair from Charlotte? Why doesn’t NXT start touring more now that they’re on TV? Would it be hard for them to find appropriately sized venues for that Brand? How strange was it that Jeff Hardy pulled off his shirt in his return like he would get the normal reaction? How much filler will continue to be on WWE programming? Will we keep watching because it’s one of the few fresh offerings that we can view? How much advising about the Coronoavirus do we get from Dr. Shahid? Find out by clicking the link below.

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