Stunt Granny Presents – OHPA 160 – Coronavirus Impact

Kevin DiFrango/ Stunt Granny LTD

Ken & Kevin had to record their first podcast apart because of this whole coronavirus thing. Are they in the group of people that can work from home? How is it not leaving the house to get Bell Time Beers? How are they coping without doing some of their normal activities? Have they been able to fill spare time with other habits? Has the NFL gotten off the hook light in terms of the impact coronavirus will have on their season? Will the NHL or NBA even have time to have a championship this year if bans last another month? What did the guys think of the Pittsburgh Steelers latest signings? Why is the NFL still going ahead with the draft in late April? Will Ken & Kevin be paying much mind to it? What Bell Time Beers did your hosts choose for themselves? Find out at the end of the show as usual. Enjoy!

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