Stunt Granny Audio 568 – Deep Dive on the Money In The Bank Match

Jeremy & Kevin got together this afternoon to talk about the madness of the Money In The Bank match. Is it possible to enjoy the match but still think the WWE left entertaining moments on the table? Would it have helped to have announcers to explain the possible deaths of Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black? Was Rey in the match just to be a crash test dummy? How did the other women not notice Asuka on the lobby balcony before the match started? Which one of the cameos didn’t make any sense? Why did Stephanie McMahon have her cameo taped elsewhere? Would it have been funnier if Vince McMahon was watching the MITB match when Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles busted in? Was Otis the right man to win the match? What did the guys think of the rest of the card? How obvious is it that Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt will be continuing their feud? Why did Tamina have a championship match with Bayley? Who would have been a good alternative for Drew McIntyre to wrestle aside from Seth Rollins? What did the handshake at the end of the match mean? Why did this pay per view only last 2:29? Our podcast lasted half that long so enjoy.

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