Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 170 – Beer Sales, Sled Dogs and Weed Killing Machines

Kevin DiFrango/ Stunt Granny LTD

Ken & Kevin are back again to talk about the weirdness of this world. Their first topic is one they are quite familiar with, beer sales. Craft beer sales are up at stores but down in general. Subpremium beer sales are up too. Is there any chance your hosts go back to Natty Lite? They move along to talking about how sled dogs have a genetic history dating back 10,000 years. How often do dogs breed with wolves to change the ancestral line? Ken & Kevin end by talking about robots. This time, the robots are built to pull weeds out of farms. Why is it hard to detect weeds in a farm. Kevin understands weeds on a small scale but how is it on an industrial level? The guys wrap up by talking about the craft beer they consumed while recording the show.

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