Stunt Granny Audio Presents – OHPA 172 – College Football Cancelations and Black Holes

Kevin DiFrango/ Stunt Granny LTD

Ken & Kevin are here to talk about the improvements that they continue to make 170 episodes into their podcast. Their main topic though is the Big Ten and PAC-12 conferences delaying their fall sports seasons, which includes football. They discuss how it could have been prevented. They also talk about the many ways in which it could go wrong. If professional athletes like those in Major League Baseball can’t follow protocols properly, how do you expect a larger group of teens and twenty somethings to do so? Ken & Kevin end by talking about the possibility that a grapefruit sized black hole could be hiding in our solar system. Is it possible for this black hole to bring Earth out of orbit and send us crashing into Mars? We’re ready for “The Purge” if it happens. Enjoy the podcast.

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