Stunt Granny Audio 597 – Mustafa Ali, Ember Moon and Takeover

Chris & Kevin are ready to talk about the big 600 coming up in the near future due to recording problems for other shows on the site. They get to wrestling promptly by talking about Mustafa Ali. While he hasn’t saved Retribution yet, there is hope your hosts didn’t see a few weeks ago. Chris & Kevin agree that the Murphy and Aaliyah Mysterio has officially crossed into the creepy territory. Your hosts guess that Braun Strowman will come to Raw in the upcoming draft to slap meat with Keith Lee again. Ember Moon made her re-debut in NXT into a crowded women’s division. How surprising was it that four championships were on the line at Takeover yet none of them changed hands? Chris & Kevin agree that even the outcome of Kushida vs Velveteen Dream match was predictable.

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