Stunt Granny Audio 632 – The Mandalorian, Cameron Grimes and Sammy Guevara

Jeremy & Kevin got together again to talk about The Mandalorian, even if the season finale was months ago. They talked about Gina Carano getting booted from the series too. They went on to discuss WandaVision and how you really needed to watch the extended Marvel Cinematic Uniiverse to understand the content. Your hosts finally got around to wrestling so they started with how boring Raw is. Jeremy & Kevin hit the bread and butter content by covering NXT and AEW. They talk about how Cameron Grimes won the week with his performance. Your hosts are ready to laugh when he loses all of that money too. Jeremy & Kevin wrapped up the show talking about how they liked Sammy Guevara doing what he said months ago and leaving The Inner Circle.

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