Stunt Granny Audio 681 – WWE Strategy, Baron Corbin and Reggie

Chris & Kevin can’t get away from talking about WWE talent releases. Because they have belabored the point, your hosts discuss what may be behind the WWE’s strategy with the releases. Since most of the cuts were to NXT, Chris & Kevin wonder how willing a new crop of talent will be to sign. They get to the main roster analysis later in the show. Your hosts can’t decide whether the inevitable Rey vs Dominik Mysterio feud is a good idea. Since Baron Corbin is on both Smackdown and Raw, Chris & Kevin use him to transition to Raw talk. They also talk about how well Corbin is currently playing his gimmick. Kevin reluctantly gives props to Reggie, so long as he stays out of the women’s division. Your hosts close the show talking about the near certainty of “We Want Becky” chants during Summerslam‘s Raw Women’s Championship match.

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