Stunt Granny Audio 692 – Dark Side of The Ring, Lashley vs Big E and In-Dex Wedding

Since Dark Side of The Ring was airing, Kevin & Shahid started the show talking about it. They moved on to talk about all of the goings on in WWE. Though they meant to start with Raw, your hosts talked Smackdown because it’s the WWE’s A show. Even with the WWE Draft looming, they think Smackdown will continue with being the best show in WWE programming. Kevin & Shahid had more coverage of Big E‘s win over Bobby Lashley. Because Lashley fought hurt, your hosts talk about how he still came out looking good from the loss. The guys couldn’t forget to talk about what is one of the few WWE marriages that actually happened. Though the In-Dex Wedding was the highlight of NXT, they talk about the soft re-boot the brand got this week. Kevin & Shahid closed the show talk about a hodge podge of topics from AEW.

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