Stunt Granny Audio 738 – Movies, The Post Wrestlemania Call Up and Thunder Rosa

Since Jeremy & Kevin figured out the problems with the website, everyone gets a second podcast of the week. They start by talking about other movies and TV shows that they are watching currently. Because this is a wrestling podcast, they do get around to talking NXT 2.0. They wonder if there will be a mass call up after Wrestlemania. Since Raquel Gonzalez, Cameron Grimes and Tomasso Ciampa have nowhere to go on the brand, your hosts wonder what will become of them. Jeremy & Kevin can’t resist making fun of recent NXT call up “Butch.” Because both of your hosts enjoyed AEW Dynamite, they break it down too. Jeremy & Kevin do admit that it was predictable but in a good way. To close the show, they talk about the very WWE way that Thunder Rosa won the AEW Women’s Championship.

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