Stunt Granny Audio 754 – Sasha Banks & Naomi, The Bloodline and Judgement Day

Since Sasha Banks & Naomi walked off of WWE Raw, it had to be the first topic for Chris & Kevin. Until the problem is resolved, it will be the top story of any wrestling podcast. Your hosts break down the hazy time line. After getting that part out of the way, they break down the proposed angle that caused the walk off. Because both Chris & Kevin agree with Sasha & Naomi’s thinking, they talk about WWE’s own bad creative decisions that led to this problem. As usual, they move on to talk about other angles that did take place on Raw. They cover everything from Bobby Lashley‘s win against Omos to the return of the Mysterios. Since the WWE Draft, Smackdown has been suffering. This past week was no different but your hosts did talk about Raquel Rodriguez‘s match against Ronda Rousey. To close the show, they talk about the terrible time slots for AEW Rampage.

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