Stunt Granny Audio 799 – Michigan State, Jeff Jarrett and Chase U Drama

Because Michigan State players assaulted a Michigan player, Jeremy & Kevin started their show there. Since people are terrible, of course some people are trying to justify it. After rambling through all types of nonsense, your hosts get around to the topic at hand, professional wrestling. Jeremy & Kevin can’t get over the fact that Jeff Jarrett is on their TV screens in 2022. Earlier in the day, Jeremy counted who wasn’t on AEW Dynamite to make room for Jarrett. Because multiple championships were defended on this card, your hosts talk about AEW having too many. Before closing out the show, Jeremy & Kevin get to NXT. They discuss the drama surrounding Bodhi Hayworth‘s dismissal. To close the show, your hosts discuss whether Duke Hudson is in cahoots with Kiana James or if he’s truly a new star pupil for Andre Chase.

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