Stunt Granny Audio 876 – All Wrestling Talk. Summserslam, Collision, AEW Attendance, Brock Lesnar being the goat.

On this weeks ‘Stunt Granny Audio” Chris and Jeremy try and fit in a lot of wrestling in a very small amount of time. The boys discuss if the Brock Lesnar show of respect was legitimate or a planned angle. If unscripted what’s the benefit for Brock? Does Brock just do whatever he wants? What’s next for the Bloodline story? If not, then what’s next? Can Jimmy versus Jey be worked out until WrestleMania? Where does Roman go now if he is injured? Which of our hosts doesn’t want to see Gunther and Chad Gable at Payback for selfish reasons? Can AEW run a stadium show in the United States? How does a company book a stadium and have no plan? How can every AEW PPV be finalized in the last weeks of build up? There’s so much more and it’s all wrestling talk for a change. So, give it a listen.

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