Stunt Granny Audio 888 – WWE Talent Cuts, NXT Silliness and AEW Grand Slam

Because the WWE decided to announce roster cuts earlier in the day, Kevin & Shahid kicked off the show with that topic. Your hosts discuss how many of them had their chances. Since many wrestlers careers aren’t long, Kevin & Shahid discussed how many released had long WWE careers. After wrapping up that lengthy topic, they got to NXT. Kevin & Shahid talked about Becky Lynch helping to lift the next batch of WWE women’s stars. Since NXT still has ridiculous story lines, so your hosts talked Thea Hail‘s continued transformation under Jacy Jayne. To close the show, Shahid admitted to enjoying AEW Grand Slam this week. Him & Kevin talked about how the injuries marred the show. Their last topic of the night was to discuss how far Eddie Kingston has come as a character in AEW.

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