Stunt Granny Audio 897 – Sign Stealing, AEW Trudge and Lyra Valkyria

Because it’s Jeremy & Kevin hosting, they start off talking sports. Since Michigan continues to be in the headlines, Jeremy defends them stealing signs. When they finally get to wrestling, it’s to complain about AEW Dynamite. After the ratings came out, they weren’t the only ones complaining. With Juice Robinson leading off the show, your hosts wonder what happened to his once rising career. Jeremy & Kevin talk about how the Young Bucks have become a non-factor in their own company. Because Toni Storm is still entertaining, your hosts do have some positive talk for the show. With Ric Flair showing up to support Sting, Jeremy & Kevin talk about how historically wrong that is. Your hosts do end up talking about NXT. With Chase U capturing the tag team titles, your hosts talk about their surprise of the outcome. To close the show, they talk about Lyra Valkyria‘s defining win over Becky Lynch.

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