Stunt Granny Audio 902 – Smackdown Live, Survivor Series and Old Guys In AEW

Because Kevin went to Smackdown this past Friday, him and Shahid started the podcast there. They started off by talking about Asuka turning on Charlotte and WWE Sting aka Bianca Belair. From there, your hosts start talking about how packed the women’s division is in WWE. Kevin & Shahid cover both the main roster and NXT talent with that topic. They discuss how Survivor Series has morphed from the team elimination concept to now being a staple for War Games. Since HHH and Shawn Michaels are the creative team in WWE now, Kevin & Shahid wonder who AEW could bring in to help Tony Khan. Along the way, your hosts talk about how wrestling might have an Oscar level film with The Iron Claw. To close out the show, Kevin & Shahid talk about all of the old people in AEW. They also ponder how quickly Ricky Starks is going to leave when his contract is up.

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