Stunt Granny Audio 913 – The Rock, Nia Jax and The Devil Reveal

When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson decides to show up to WWE Raw, you kick off the show talking about him. That is exactly what Chris & Kevin did for this podcast. Because Wrestlemania is a few months away, they debate whether that PLE or another is The Rock’s target. Your hosts talk about whether CM Punk vs Seth Rollins is going to get bounced from a Wrestlemania main event because of this return. While on the topic of Rollins, Chris & Kevin debate whether he should have dropped the World Heavyweight Championship on Raw. They also discuss Nia Jax getting a big win over Becky Lynch. To close out the podcast, Chris & Kevin talk about Adam Cole being revealed as the AEW Devil. Your hosts discuss the litany of problems with the angle and how to come to a good resolution.

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