Stunt Granny Audio 918 – Kazuchika Okada, NXT’s Dilemma and Hook

Since New Japan Pro Wrestling announced that Kazuchika Okada was leaving the promotion, Chris & Kevin started off the show talking about him. Because the AEW or WWE will be his destination, your hosts debate the positives and negatives of both landing spots. When they wrap up the speculation, Chris leads off by talking about the NXT dilemma. That dilemma is serving as a developmental territory while also serving as a TV attraction. Since it’s already happened once, Chris & Kevin also talk about the flood of new talent on TV. Because there hasn’t been a major development, your hosts talk about the Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes feud getting a bit stale. To close the show, they talk about Hook‘s impressive performance against Samoa Joe. Chris & Kevin also talk about AEW looking better when their champion is serious.

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