Stunt Granny Audio 920 – Vince McMahon, NXT Developmental and the Royal Rumble

Because Vince McMahon was charged with Sex Trafficking, it was impossible for Kevin & Shahid to start the show anywhere else. Your hosts are disgusted with his actions, while not being ready to brow beat those “who could have done more.” After talking about that mess, Kevin & Shahid move on to actual wrestling talk. Since Shahid has some additional thoughts on Raw moving to Netflix, he airs those views. With Kevin Patrick officially being released, your hosts talk about how hard play by play announcing is in professional wrestling. That allows Kevin & Shahid to explain why they don’t think Vic Joseph and Booker T should be broken up as a duo. Your hosts go on to talk about how NXT is a true developmental territory now. To close the show, your hosts handicapped the winners for the Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumbles.

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