Stunt Granny Audio 924 – The Rock, Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, TNA, AEW, WWE. Wild week of wrestling.

This episode of Stunt Granny Audio is brought to you by Jeremy and Chris. Fresh off of the WWE WrestleMania 40 Kickoff show they boys jump in with thier first impressions. How confusing and unfocused is the picture for WrestleMania 40 right now? How fun is it not having a real clue as how the main event picture will turn out? Does Dwayne Johnson even care if he gets booed? How does Seth Rollins fit in to this now? There is all sorts of WWE talk but thats not all. The boys discuss the week of wrestling. Anthem firing Scott D’Amore gets first nod. What can possibly justify a move like this? Is it ego and arrogance but by whom? What does the future hold for TNA now that all of the good will they created was due to Scott’s ability to create with very little capitol. AEW also gets play as the Young Bucks finally suck for a real reason. Of course there is more for Jericho, Sting, Big Bill and others. They round out the show with NXT talk to send the masses home happy. So get to downloading or if you have , get to listening.

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