Stunt Granny Audio 926 – WM XL Press Conference Fallout, Elimination Chamber and AEW Collision

With Chris & Kevin back behind the microphones, they start where the last two podcasts stopped. That starting point is Friday Smackdown. Since HHH made a rare TV appearance, they start with Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns being cemented as one of the Wrestlemania main events. Chris & Kevin delve into the many possibilities that the WWE is throwing out there at this time. Since Seth Rollins promised to be Cody Rhodes “Shield”, your hosts talk about their alliance moving forward. Because there were qualifying matches for both Elimination Chamber matches, your hosts talk about the participants. After much debate, Chris & Kevin realize that Randy Orton is one of the favorites to win the Men’s Chamber match. To follow, your hosts talk about how overwhelming a favorite Becky Lynch is for the women’s Chamber. To close the show, Chris & Kevin talk about AEW Collision.

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