Stunt Granny Audio 931 – Virgil, Tony D’Angelo and AEW Revolution

Because this has been a weird week at Stunt Granny HQ, Chris & Kevin got together to talk Thursday night. To kick off the show, they talked about the untimely passing of Michael Jones aka Virgil. Your hosts talked about how impactful his turn on Ted DiBiase was in their childhoods. When they got to what Chris & Kevin watched, they started at NXT. Their first topic was the rise of Tony D’Angelo to the Heavyweight Championship scene. Since Carmelo Hayes seems destined with a match against Trick Williams, Tony D looks primed to take on Ilja Dragunov. Since AEW Revolution is on Sunday, Chris & Kevin did a full card preview. Because Daniel Garcia is going after the TNT Championship, your hosts wonder if it’s finally his time to shine. With Will Ospreay getting cheered, Chris & Kevin discuss his imminent departure from the Don Callis Family. To close the show, your hosts discuss Sting & Darby Allin taking on the Young Bucks. Click the link to hear their debate on whether Sting goes out with a lose or a win.

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